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Hello there!

Greeting from 90MM

90MM.in is a creative design studio focused on mixing and remixing tech, design and content to create first and lasting impressions that matter.

We like to think of ourselves as DJ’s of the consumer experience right from user/customer centric designs, mobile first responsive web design & development, UI/UX design & experimental graphic design.

Chief Designer/Founder

Deepak Manickam

As a graduate in B.E. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Sandwich), I started coding HTML/CSS during my early college days acting as a script kiddie, hacking web-pages for fun.

With the dawn of an Era of Information amp; Web 2.0, which changed the way users and internet interacted, I started my Digital & Design Exploration providing Creative Design & Web Development solutions.

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WEB Bold, Responsive & Mobile-first Website Design

UI/UX A Sleek User Interface & Unique Experience

BRAND Honest, Expressive & Memorable Brand Identities

EVENTS An Environment that Interact with Customers

MOTION DESIGN Animations that give Life to stories & Engage Audience

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