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Hello there!

Welcome to my online studio

I'm a self-taught freelance visual designer & developer focused on user/customer centric designs.

I create Mobile-first Responsive Web Design, Brand Identities (Logo Design), Marketing Collaterals & Experiential/Environmental Graphic Design. I also do a bit of Motion Graphics Animation & Video Editing.

A graduate in B.E. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Sandwich), my affair with HTML/CSS begun during my early college days acting as a script kiddie, hacking web-pages for fun. After Winning a second prize in an intra-college Web Design competetion, my affair turned into a long-term relationship. View my full bio here.

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Custom Web Design & Development
Need to Give Your  brand / business  a Bold, Responsive & Mobile Friendly Website?

User Interface & Experience
Enhance your  app / web  with a Sleek Interface & Unique eXperience

Logo Design & Branding
Is your identity creating a  honest / expressive / memorable   bond between your brand & customers?

Events, Exhibition & Environmental Graphic Design
Create an Environment that Communicates with your  customers / users / visitors  

Video & Post-produciton
Engage your audience with a motion graphic animation for your  product / app / demo  

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