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Hello there!

Greeting from 90MM

90MM.in is a creative design studio located in Bengaluru, focused on providing awesome user/customer centric design solutions.

We create Mobile-first Responsive Web Design, Brand Identities (Logo Design), Marketing Collaterals & Experiential/Environmental Graphic Design. We also have got our hands on a few Motion Graphics, Animation & Video Editing projects.

Chief Designer/Founder

Deepak Manickam

As a graduate in B.E. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Sandwich), I started coding HTML/CSS during my early college days acting as a script kiddie, hacking web-pages for fun.

With the dawn of an Era of Information & Web 2.0, which changed the way users and internet interacted, I started my Digital & Design Exploration providing Creative Design & Web Development solutions.

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WEB Bold, Responsive & Mobile-first Website Design

UI/UX A Sleek User Interface & Unique Experience

BRAND Honest, Expressive & Memorable Brand Identities

EVENTS An Environment that Interact with Customers

MOTION DESIGN Animations that give Life to stories & Engage Audience

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